General Terms and Conditions

Member Guidelines

Impact Hub members are part of an intentional global community. We are entrepreneurs, activists, creatives, and professionals taking collaborative action to drive positive social and environmental change. Through our global association and our shared principles, we are building a movement. We believe that a better world can be created through the combined accomplishments of compassionate, creative and committed individuals focused on a common purpose - taking a leadership role towards our shared future and making a positive impact.

As a part of the Impact Hub community, I understand that it is my responsibility to maintain and advance the following 5 Impact Hub Principles:

  • Integrity – We care deeply about making a positive impact with our work.
  • Participation – We give back by getting involved in our communities.
  • Collaboration – We seek out diverse perspectives to achieve common goals.
  • Innovation – We strive for creative solutions that challenge the status quo and our imaginations.
  • Courageous Action – We take risks and try new things because we are optimistic about the future.

The Common Ground

Here at the Impact Hub, we are all working together in shared spaces which are essentially a microcosm of the great human experiment. And... with shared workspaces come shared responsibilities. So abiding by the following guidelines helps our community maintain social fluency, serendipity, and productivity:  Cleanliness: Please leave the space in a better state than how you found it. Pay it forward. We have left guiding principles in each space, so help everyone out!  Timeliness: We live in a busy world with meetings to take and problems to solve. Be cognizant of the time and acknowledge that your fellow members need to get into that privacy booth or meeting room on time as well.  Awareness: Think about the others working around you. Should I take my phone call into a privacy booth? Is the scent of this meal better suited for a visit to an outside lunch space? Take care to acknowledge that we all share your view of social enterprise, but not necessarily your penchant for going barefoot.  Trust: People here are watching out for you, so watch out for them as well. They work to support you and your work, and are eager to do so; know that they are and ensure they know the same of you.  Happiness: Take a breath. You’re surrounded by a community of people who believe in working to improve things and they're willing to throw their lives into it. So celebrate each other at every chance!

Here is a list of areas you will now be sharing with hundreds or so people you can’t wait to meet:  Meeting Rooms: booked through  Privacy Booths: booked the day of in the space  Kitchens: accessible for everyone  Bathrooms: need I say more?  Work Stations: located throughout all spaces  Quiet Area: Shhhh….  Printer Bars: also home to office supplies  Internet: You know you want it

You didn’t join the Impact Hub to be part of the status quo, but to change things and cut against the grain. You’re exceptional, and we applaud any action you take to leave the space in better shape than you found it. Do that extra dish! Push in that chair! Channel your inner Mary Poppins and find a way to make this space the working paradise you want it to be. We want to hear from you! This policy is an invitation to take advantage of this space. The Impact Hub is a living, breathing organism. Work with us in our effort to continually improve the space and community. If at any time you’re feeling inspired to do something here, find a host and let’s make it happen. Innovation doesn’t happen in isolation.

Meeting Rooms

Nothing says social impact like four people in a small room with a white board for 6 hours. We love meetings too, so let’s make it work for everyone. Check room availability and book by emailing However, we want to highlight a few points about room bookings:  Room bookings can be done for hours between 9-5pm M-F. If outside of these hours, it will be considered an event.  You can change or cancel your reservation up to 48 hours before the meeting start time without being charged. Reservations made within 48hrs of the meeting time are billed immediately.  The Host will write the day’s reservations on the doors of the meeting rooms each morning. If you do not see your name on the door, you might want to double check your booking confirmation with the host.  Prices for meeting rooms are related to your membership level and posted on the website.

And when the meeting comes to an end, please ask yourself 3 questions:

  1. Am I leaving the room in the same condition as the picture online?
  2. Did I return all of the amenities to their ‘homes’?
  3. Was that the best meeting I ever had?

We hope the answer to all of them is YES!

Privacy Booths

Rule of thumb for Privacy Booths: there are not enough. We know this and now you do as well. And, ironically, everyone’s favorite place in the shared workspace is the privacy please be respectful of the rules:  Reserve a privacy booth the day you need it by marking the time on the door.  Privacy booths have a two-hour time limit per booth per person. Please respect timeliness here.  The ’15 min late, you lose’ rule applies. And please erase your name if you know you won’t need a previously reserved time.  Please be mindful of how multiple bookings a day by the same person affect the rest of the co-workers. We get you might have several calls a day, however the privacy booths are shared space and not your personal office.  You must rent a meeting room if you are more than four people in the meeting, “How many people can we fit in the privacy booth” is frowned upon.  All dishes, trash, writing on boards must be removed when you leave. Remember to leave the booth in a better state than how you found it. Your mother does not work at the Impact Hub. Neither does Rosie from the Jetsons. Please take your dishes when you leave!!


Ahhh...the reason communism failed...Gorbachev wanted to wash his dish, not everyone’s dish. Can you blame him? Let me run through kitchen scenarios we all know:  Whose dish is that? Who cares, just wash it!  Can I eat this? Food is fair game unless labeled with someone’s name on it.  No label = yes. If the Share sign is beside it = yes.  I have extra food! What should I do with it? Fellow members would be happy to eat those goodies left over from your catered meeting! Put the items out on the central kitchen table and set the “Share” sign next to it.  What’s that smell? We don’t know, but if you find it and take care of it, the Hosts have a surprise for you!

Kitchens are the most utilized spaces in the Hubs. Please respect this fact and follow these guidelines:  All dishes must be washed. This includes those of your guests. Rewards given for washing extra dishes.  All food must be labeled. Members will gladly consume unlabeled food.  Kitchen space is limited. Members need to be respectful of the community needs and keep a minimum amount of food stored in the kitchens.  All surfaces must be wiped down after use. We have a sponge system for all your cleaning needs! Yellow for dishes, and orange for counters.


Yeah, you have friends and they want to visit you in Impact Hub! We are as happy as you to have them come by, and following the “Rule of 2s” will make it easy for everyone to have their friends visit:  Your guests can stay for up to 2 hours. If they are as enamored of the space as we are, then a day pass is required and can be purchased at the Host desk.  You (and your company) can have up to 2 guests at a time, and they can come 2 times per month. We know you have more than two people who want to meet with you; if there are more than two, please book a meeting room. If they are here more than twice in a month, they obviously want to become members!  Every Impact Hub has a different entry but one policy fits all: Be sure you abide by security protocols for each space when you’re bringing in a guest. Be sure to introduce your guests to the Host (to check in and get access to our wifi) and make sure they take care of the space as if it were their own. Check with your location to see if guests are welcomed off-hours.

Take note of these important points:  Entry cards are non-transferrable. If you share your access privileges, we will deactivate your access and you will be subject to an extensive, painful review process to be considered eligible for a new entry card.  If you lose your entry card, immediately notify the Host. Replacement cards are $30.  24/7 access is reserved for full-time members. Part-time members’ cards allow access to the space between 9-6pm M-F and if you need to be here some other time, you’ll need to work that out with the Host.

Resources  Mailboxes: Mailboxes are available for part-time members at $30/month and free for full-time members. Please contact the Host if you are interested in receiving your business mail at the Impact Hub.  Storage lockers: We provide the option of renting storage lockers in the space for members at $20/month for part-time members and it’s included for full-time members. We also have larger, monumental storage space available. Contact for details.

Technology services

Have you found the internet? If you’re reading this, then you probably got here ok. So, to start, remember those hundreds of people who share the virtual space with you. They have virtual business needs that should not be impaired by your ‘home internet habits,’ i.e. bandwidth use should be minimized when possible. Also, be aware that not everyone thinks that picture is hot, that Tumblr is the funniest thing ever, or that version of the Harlem Shake is the best yet. We have provided the best quality internet, with ample download and upload speeds but we’re cognizant of a little big brother. Be thoughtful about bandwidth and don’t use the wireless in a way that may draw hostile attention (hacking, sharing copyright-infringing material, and all that other fun stuff). And of course, unlawful behavior, harassment and posting illegal material are unacceptable and we reserve the right to terminate memberships in appropriate situations.


Did you know that paper comes from trees? No, we're serious. TREES! We ask that you support us in reducing this particular impact as much as possible. Here's how you can help:  Double-sided black and white (unless color is truly necessary), please. For fancy colored flyers, there's always a nearby print shop.  Ask a Host to help you set your computer's printing preferences.  Collect your printed sheets! It’s so sad to find a stack of full color sheets that’s gone uncollected! If you print it, please claim it!


Over the years, Impact Hub has refined its membership structure to an art form. We will hear requests for alterations, but please understand our need to stick as close to the developed system as possible. And that system is...  Your available time in the space is determined by the level of membership you choose.  Memberships are monthly, individual, non-transferrable and automatically renew monthly. Yes, we assume you want to hang out with us longer than for just one month.  Membership payments are due before the first of every month. If you sign up mid-month, your first invoice is pro-rated. We encourage you to use the "automatic payment" option for credit card or ACH so you are never late with a payment (we request the charge in the 28th the month prior). Unpaid invoices will cause deactivation of your membership before the next month.  If you want to change your membership level, please fill out the change/cancellation form before the first of the next month. No refunds for unused hours (in case of downgrade). Upgrades mid-month will create an invoice for the difference.  Cancellations via the change/cancellation form before the first of the next month. No refunds for unused hours or missed deadlines.  Impact Hub reserves the right to refuse or terminate memberships at any time for any reason. It’s unfortunate when this happens, but even two peas in a pod can go bad.

Data Policy

Beyond connecting to your local Impact Hub community, becoming a member of Impact Hub Santa Barbara comes with the opportunity to connect and collaborate with the global Impact Hub Network. To facilitate this opportunity of exchanging and collaborating on a global level, Impact Hub provides you with access to our own social networking platform, the Community App.

In order to create your personal profile on the community app, Impact Hub Santa Barbara will share some information about you with the provider of the Community App, Impact Hub GmbH, Lindengasse 56 / 18-19, 1070 Vienna, Austria. Until you actively join the Community App, this shared information will be only available to the responsible employees of Impact Hub GmbH and the employees of Impact Hub Santa Barbara. To learn more about who Impact Hub GmbH is, how it will treat and keep safe your personal data, and how you can direct the processing of your personal data, please take a look at the Data Policy:


Events in the space are regular and takeover in the evenings. These events are regularly hosted by members and we encourage you to use the space creatively. Bring in your workshops, panel presentations, receptions, and investor meetings by talking with the program team. We hold the secrets to time and space, like little Einsteins. We also provide event production and promotion advice and support. Respect your coworkers - Impact Hub’s common areas are workspaces until 5pm. Receptions cannot start until after 5:30pm and theatre-style classroom events cannot start until after 6pm. Do you want to rent a space for your private or large event? We have a handy form in the Events page on the website. Just fill in the details and we will confirm availability and price within one week - usually within 24 hours! Do you want to work with Impact Hub to create an event program together? Our program team meets regularly to plan events that meet our goals of supporting entrepreneurs, building their capacity and celebrating their achievements. If you have a great idea for strengthening our community of entrepreneurs, email a proposal to the Events Team and we will meet with you to develop a program, identify speakers and decide how we will work. Do you have a meet-up, club or informal gathering you would like to schedule? We hope all our members will use our space for their meetings and gatherings. If you have an informal gathering - one with no admission fee and fewer than 50 people - you may be able to use Impact Hub spaces for free (please see Community Manager for application) in exchange for logo and written acknowledgement on all your materials and invitations (including follow-up thank yous), a list of all participants and their contact information, a description of your meetup for our calendar, setting up and cleaning up yourself, and someone to greet people as they arrive. You (or another Impact Hub member) must be in the space at all times during your event. Charges such as janitorial fees might apply for events with more than 50 people. We also promote your event on our website and in our newsletter.

If you choose to join us you will be following in the footsteps of great people and we think there are great things coming for you as well. We are here to support you in any way we are capable, so please don’t hesitate to check in with your Host. In the meantime, reach your hand across the table to your newest friend.

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